Proportional Hesitation

The Liberal Government has a mandate to govern, but not a mandate to unilaterally force changes to how Canadians cast their ballots.

Previously, three different Canadian provinces have proposed changes to their provincial voting systems.  To their credit, these provincial governments set a precedent by offering the decision to their residents with a referendum.  Each time, the decision to change the provincial voting system was defeated.

Any changes to the way that we vote federally should be subject to a referendum as well, so that all Canadians can have a say.  The Canadian population is the only entity with the authority to decide how we cast our ballots and no single Government of any stripe has the right to change this.

With our current electoral system, the candidate who receives the most votes in our riding becomes the Member of Parliament.  This is fair and democratic, and I believe we should keep this system.  However, my opinion is of secondary importance to the right of Canadians to decide if we should change how we vote at all.  Whatever the system of voting proposed, or decision to keep the status-quo, we Canadians deserve a say in the process.

A Parliamentary petition demanding that Canadians be given the right to decide changes to our voting system can be found here: . I encourage everyone to sign, so that the Government knows we want a say in the matter.

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