PLEASE SHARE – Help fight CISSSO’s attack on rural health care

The Shawville Hospital is located in a rural area, surrounded by free street parking, and the implementation of a paid parking system for the hospital has received tremendous opposition from municipal and provincial leaders, political parties, and the public at large. CISSSO is now issuing warning tickets to hospital employees who are parking onsite. Employees will be required to pay for parking before the general population does.

Warning ticket issued to a hospital worker

Some keen-eyed Pontiac Voice members noticed that tickets were being issued to health care workers in Shawville today.

This is unacceptable. We need to stand up for our  hospital employees. Take 2 short minutes to email CISSSO and tell them what you think about their plans to charge rural hospital workers and visitors for parking.

Feel free to CC Quebec’s Health Care Minister; I have added his email address below as well. Just copy and paste both addresses into your email field! Below is a sample text you can copy and paste as your email text as well.


Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette:

Sample Email Text:

“I support rural health care, and rural health care workers. The pay-for-parking scheme that is planned for the Shawville hospital, and already implemented in other rural areas, will not improve our local health care; it will only take more money from the pockets of health care workers and local residents.

Rural communities such as those within the Pontiac often are overlooked in favor of urban areas, or lumped in on decisions that are city-centric. All elected officials from all levels of Government and all political parties need to work together to fix this.

Will you support rural health care and end the pay-to-park scheme for rural hospitals?

Grateful to hear your response.



Write anything you want of course; this is only a sample! Please do be respectful.

Can we get 1000 email messages sent to CISSSO? Pontiac Voice has almost 3000 members.  If 1/3 people who see this send an email to CISSSO, we will be sending them a lot of reading material!

Comment on this post in Pontiac Voice or below after you send your email so we can keep a tally!

Health care workers help us when we’re at our most vulnerable. Let’s return the favour.