Hospital Bound

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As I write this I am preparing to head in for surgery tomorrow at our hospital in Shawville, to patch up a hernia that’s been causing me some grief for a while.

Each time I am at our hospital I’m reminded as to how fortunate we are to have the good people that work there looking after us.

The Pontiac community has banded together and met with some success in our fight against attempts to impose nonsensical parking fees on our rural population. We must not let up.

It is an understatement to say that a lot has happened here recently, with many people having contributed in a multitude of ways to combat the flooding that occurred here recently.

The region showed, as it always does, community spirit at a level that is rarely seen elsewhere today.

I want to re-iterate how important rural hospitals are in maintaining this sense of community spirit.

The CISSSO blanket policy on hospital parking does not take into account how different rural communities are compared to their urban counterparts. The CISSSO pay-to-park scheme will pull money from our communities needlessly, and likely won’t even be able to pay for its own administration.

Why should we penalize our population, healthcare workers and the taxpayer for nothing??

I see attempts to divide our community with talk of enforcing parking fees for workers only.  The senseless nickel and diming of our health care workers with parking fees, when rural hospitals are surrounded by free parking, is akin at an attack on them.

An attack on our health care workers is an attack on all of us.

Let’s keep up the fight against CISSSO – contact them today and let them know you support rural health care and rural health care workers.

All for one, and one for all.

Benjamin Woodman


Contact CISSSO:

Contact Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette:


Sample Email Text (French text will come at some point I promise):

“I support rural health care, and rural health care workers. The pay-for-parking scheme that is planned for the Shawville hospital, and already implemented in other rural areas, will not improve our local health care; it will only take more money from the pockets of health care workers and local residents.

Rural communities such as those within the Pontiac often are overlooked in favor of urban areas, or lumped in on decisions that are city-centric. All elected officials from all levels of Government and all political parties need to work together to fix this.

Will you support rural health care and end the pay-to-park scheme for rural hospitals?

Grateful to hear your response.”




NOTE – include the following with your email:



Phone number

A complaint form –

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