Thank you to The Equity

I was pleased to attend last’s week Warden debate at Pontiac High School (PHS), as hosted by The Equity.

It was standing room only in the PHS auditorium– a great indicator that there is a tremendous amount of interest in our upcoming municipal elections. It was also a great relief to be in that auditorium and not give a speech, as many years ago (as a PHS student) it was an annual requirement for me.


I wish to offer my congratulations to all candidates who participated.

I believe we also owe The Equity our thanks for organizing and moderating this event.

As we’re all aware, the media landscape is quickly evolving through expansion of the internet and through increased uptake of digital news content. I feel it is essential now more than ever before for us to recognize and support our local media outlets, including local radio (ChipFm recently contributed to the democratic process as well, by covering a separate Warden debate earlier in the week).

Rural areas, unlike our urban cousins, don’t always have the proper web infrastructure to ensure that residents have consistent access to digital news on the internet. This is problematic across Canada, and rural media outlets typically punch above their weight in terms of outreach, at great financial cost.

It’s likely we will never see Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other online media platforms organize a local debate in the Pontiac, and thus we can’t take it for granted when our local media outlets put forth extra effort to ensure we are informed about what affects us.

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