Quebec elections have concluded!

Sunday was truly a fine exercise of democracy in Quebec. Municipal elections have concluded, and our region featured a number of close races for many elected positions.

Election campaigns always create debate, and sometimes the resulting discourse can venture into less congenial territory. With the election concluded, it is time now to come together as municipalities, and as neighbors.

To everyone who had the guts to put your name on a ballot – you are deserving of our respect, and our gratitude. Every single candidate, victorious or not, should be holding their head up high today. I think that despite differences in policy and in opinion, it is very easy to speak to the high-level of commitment shown by all candidates throughout a long and sometimes difficult campaign.

The future is bright for us in Quebec, and it is an exciting time to begin a mandate as part of a municipal government.

Congratulations to all who have helped build our region into what it is today, and to all who will shape what our region will become tomorrow.