Luce Farrell to seek provincial Liberal nomination for the riding of Gatineau

I was pleased to read in The Low Down Newspaper that Luce Farrell will be seeking the provincial Liberal nomination for Gatineau. Luce is an attachée politique to Quebec Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée, who has recently announced she will not be running in the upcoming provincial election.
Via Facebook
l have encountered Luce several times in a professional capacity over the years and she has always been a pleasure to deal with. Her efforts have always reflected positively on the office she serves, and she is a true bastion of knowledge when it comes to the affairs of the Gatineau region – which by all accounts she has served very well for over a decade.

She is well-positioned to use her knowledge and experience to serve the region in an even greater capacity should she be confirmed as the provincial Liberal candidate for Gatineau.

With a Quebec election approaching, I would encourage everybody to follow and support Luce’s candidacy. Gatineau would be lucky to have her as a representative in Quebec City.

Follow Luce on Facebook here:



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