No more public transit credit

The federal Liberal Government recently released a budget that, as expected, continues to add never-ending debt and deficits to Canada’s bottom line.

However, I am extremely surprised to see that the Liberal budget has also raised taxes on the middle-class and simultaneously hurt the environment by eliminating a tax credit for public transit users. Public transit will now be more expensive for every regular user in the country. Some users will no longer see a cost-benefit to taking public transit, and this will ultimately contribute to more cars on the road, leading to increased urban traffic jams and greater emissions.

It is unbecoming for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to accept private transport from a billionaire friend, to a free vacation in the Bahamas. For Trudeau to now turn around and add to the day-to-day transportation costs of regular Canadians is petty and distasteful.

I’m certain Justin Trudeau will offer a half-hearted explanation when questioned on these actions. Actions of course, speak louder than words, but in the Pontiac we don’t seem to receive much of either from the Liberal Government.

I would like to see the public transit credit restored.